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SQL Server Standard and multiple CPUs

By Marc in StPete ·
These questions apply to both SQL Server 7.0 and 2000 but only the Standard version. I know that Advanced server can use more than 2 CPUS.

Correct if wrong:

1. SQL Server Standard can use up to 2 CPUs ONLY on a 2 way CPU server.

2. If true, does that mean that SQL Server Standard can only see/use 1 CPU on a server with more than 2 CPUs.

3. Does SQL Server setup include options to select which CPUs you wish to use?

4. If the Standard version will run on a 4 way CPU server and I can select which CPUs I use, can I run 2 separate instances / installations of SQL Server and have instance 1 use the first 2 CPUs and have the other instance use the other 2 CPUs?

5. Are any of these answers different if we have an OEM version ofSQL Server?


The server in question is a DELL Power Edge 6650 (4 CPUs). I think it has 4G RAM.
We will run our SMS database and our user databases on the same server.
Our user databases are small (full data backup under 700MB) and the number of user connections is also very small.
We capture quite a bit with SMS (maybe 400 workstations), but mostly on off hours.

Unfortunately the server was purchased before any of these questions were asked.
Because we are so small, perhaps none of this matters, but I thought I would ask and see what you guys say.

Thanks in advance!

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Mulitple CPUs for SQL 2000

by LoriL In reply to SQL Server Standard and m ...

According to SQL 2000 Books Online, Standard edition supports 4 CPUs running any version of W2K Server. Search for "maximum capacity specifications". I don't know if that applies for SQL 7 as well. There is a configuration option called "affinitymask" that you can use to limit SQL Server to specific processors. You can search the BOL for "affinity mask option" to find more information. You can specify this for a particular instance, so you could configure the server the way you suggested in point 4. That said, this option is rarely used and in your case, it would probably be better to let Windows and SQL Server choose what processors to utilize.

MCP SQL Server 2000

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