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    SQL Server – why is it used?


    by graffpm ·

    I was given the Sys. Admin job even though this is not my job function (I have posted this before). There are a few things that are server related that I need assistance with. I posted earlier about DNS issues and ISP changes.

    We are bringing up a new server in a few weeks. The current server has SQL server running. I don’t know anything about SQL so I am not sure WHY this is running. How can I find this out? If our new server comes with SQL Server how do I make sure it’s configured to work like it did on the old server?

    We will be running SBS 2003 Premium R2


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      by graffpm ·

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      First things first, is it being used ?

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to SQL Server – why is it used?

      SQL server is generally an optional install in SBS, but some will just set it up in case.
      Seeing as you know nothing about it, it will be real hard to tell you where to start.
      I can’t even guarantee a way to logon to it to see if it is being used.

      You need to talk to your people, or you could go for the oops method.
      Stop the sql server service (not disable), see if anyone or thing (another service for instance) whinges. Then you’ll know at least one person who is making use of it, may be they can give you some clues.

      There is a management tool called Enterprise ussually available under MS SQL on the Programs menu.

      Bit hard to help further without more info I’m afraid, there are too many potential scenarios. I can’t even guarantee from here to get you logged onto it!

      You can set it up the same, but you need to know how it’s set up now.
      Lots of tools, but which one to use, when and where is scenario dependant.

      Don’t take any crap about this you have been well left in the lurch. All this stuff should be documented.

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