SQL Server within Windows Small Business Server 2003

By matthew.leggett ·
I have recently purchased a server running MS SBS2003. The O/S was pre-installed and required a small amount of configuration. Now what i thought was fully configured, i have started to install my copy of Symantec Groupware software.

This has brought to my attention that my SQL Server is not running correctly. Now i find some possible solutions to my problem within this website, but have now found that i do not have the relevant start menu group?!

Apparently there is meant to be a start menu group called Microsoft SQL ... but i have no such folder. Also there appears to be no plugin for this in the management console.

Has anyone got MS SBS2003 installed with the supplied version of SQL as i am running the basic version with Outlook.

If possible i would need the details of the shortcuts in that start menu group and their targets so that i can set mine back up, i presume this is all that has happened.

Needless to say your help will be much appreciated as i am quote clsoe to the end of my tether with this.



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SQL server is an option in SBS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SQL Server within Windows ...

Whoever did the pre-installation didn't tick the box, best bet is to get hold of them if you didn't get it, or they f'ed it up.

If you have the media, it will be on there.

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Tony is partially right

by CG IT In reply to SQL server is an option i ...

SQL Server is part of the Premium Edition of SBS. Unless you purchased the Premium Edition, you won't get SQL. SBS Standard doesn't come with SQL [or ISA 2004 for that matter].

Do not confuse MSSQL for Sharepoint Services with SQL. Sharepoint Services is installed by default for the company intranet web site.

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Oh dear

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Tony is partially right

well it was optional in 1998. Must update myself some time, there again that was about the last time I used the thing.

Premium edition, does it still have those stupid restrictions on DB size? etc

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far as I know no db restrictions but its not Enterprise

by CG IT In reply to Oh dear

with SBS 2003 MS made some changes by offering a standard edition at $600.00 USD which is SBS with Exchange but not ISA server and SQL server. That is comes with the Premium Edition at $1500.00 USD.

SBS 2000 came in only 1 flavor and that included ISA server 2000 and SQL 2000.

Never worked with SBS 4.5.

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Check out the version and the full contents of the package in MS site

by jlouras In reply to SQL Server within Windows ...

If you find that you are missing some media with the server, immediately speak to the salesperson that sold you the computer and request the CDs of MS SBS2003.

I am not sure that SQL Server comes only in the Premium Editon but I bought one once and it came with SQL, altough Im not sure if it was premium or not.

Check it out first and act asap.


PS: if you run MMC, you can add the SQL snap-in and try to check if it is correctly installed.

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Thank you all!

by matthew.leggett In reply to SQL Server within Windows ...

Thank you all very much for your help on this matter, it would seem the good nights rest ombined with your support pulls through once more!

It is apparent that SBS Premium comes bundled with a version of SQL Server.

There version i have you are correct to say uses sharepoint with a version of SQL, that is known as MSDE, provided free to download from microsoft.

This tool acts as an SQL server whilst being rather limited, and one **** of a pain in the bum to manage!

This is why i have no controls within the task menu, and i presume why there is no snap-in within the MMC.

For me to give you a quick sample, to craete an SQL database for reporting for example, i have to run a setup program with paramaeters after it for the username, password, instance, basically all the information that is usually replicated by programs that are designed to configure this.

So with that in mind i now refer myself to your pages and hope that i can peice together enough information to suceed in this endevour!

Many thanks once more for all your help....

Should anyone discover this and know how to set up MSDE with ease, don't hesitate to contact me as i am not looking forward to doing this!

Kind Regards,


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