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SQL Svr 2000: Replicate table structure

By hhambrick ·
Fairly new to SQL, all OJT. Need to come up with the best method of updating customer databases with table structure changes that have been made in an application. Already have a method of generating a script that will add any new columns to their tables for any columns added in the master database, but can't figure out the best way of updating other table structure changes such as size, type or allow nulls. Thanks in advance

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All the data is in the meta tables. But

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to SQL Svr 2000: Replicate t ...

what you should be doing is pushing out a backup and alter script with each release. The script to do it is the one you've tested and used in house. You do check that the database has the expected schema to change from don't you ?

If I was one of your customer's I'd be very wary, this is a chancy process at best. If this is something you are planning to do often you might want to look at restructuring to a column oriented design.
Has it's shortfalls, admittedly, but at least you wouldn't have to chew your finger nails to the wrist on a regular basis.

One mistake and your customer is not going to blame himself for it.

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