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SQL2000w/Win Auth

By doch83 ·
My SQL sever ran out of disk space today, I freeded up some space by taking out office. I am now trying to move 4 of the DB's off the server. However, now the Windows Auth isnt working anymore and the SA account isnt letting me in either. I need to get this data off, and the last complete backup i have is from last month (because of space issues). I have tried accessing it from another machine (its on a domain) with no luck. I need to have this up and running ASAP.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SQL2000w/Win Auth

Replace what you have deleted and restore to a point before you started messing with the unit.

Once you have it working again you can then clone the HDD over to something bigger and replace the existing HDD/s that is the fast way around your problem.

The proper way would be to add more HDD space and reconfigure the system to move some of the SQL DB onto different drives but that will take longer.

As an emergency measure you could cut back on the Page File Size to give you a bit more HDD space until you have it working properly again.

You really need to reorganize your DR Plan if your latest Backup was 1 month ago as that is far too long you'll need to reconfigure your backup procedure as well so that you can perform regular backups that should prevent you loosing a lot of data in the event of a major failure.


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by none2345506585484 In reply to SQL2000w/Win Auth

If you have the .mdf (data) and .ldf (log files)
you can try using the "attach/detach database" utility in SQL Enterprise or the stored proc version of this utility. Make sure the files aren't being used by SQL Server. Move the files to another machine or drive(whatever you can do).
If another machine you will need to install sql server on that machine. In future you'll need a shadow DB by backing up and copying to the shadow machine,then restoring the db on that machine.
Hope it helps.

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by doch83 In reply to

THANKS PALERIDER63!!!!! I knew there had to be a simple solution like that! It worked, the BD's are back online (on another machine with a MUCH bigger drive)and is being re-included in the nightly backups! Thanks again!

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by doch83 In reply to SQL2000w/Win Auth

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