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SQL7.0 Backup

By rboudrea66 ·
I have a database that is set to be backed up(to disk) every night. But as of the past couple of weeks the .bak files are growing at a huge rate, the .bak file is now larger than the acual data being backed up. Was wondering if there is an explantion to this and how to resolve it.
I have checked the "maitenance plan" and made sure that only the specified DB's are getting backed up(which they are). Some changes that where made when this problem occured was, new replications had been created between several servers. Where i'm knida new to SQL replication and backing up, i'm stuck (and soon my servers will be out of space)
Thanks in advance,

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SQL7.0 Backup

by TTrinh In reply to SQL7.0 Backup

Hi Raoul,

Your backup was set to "append" and not overwrite. Go back to the backup page of your DB, and check the overwrite section. Click on the choice to "overwrite existing media". This should solve your problem, as the file will be overwritten each day, so it will always be the same size as your DBeach day.

Note: it is a bug, but after setting this, if you go back to look, you will see the option revert back to "append to media". But it will work, just let it go and check back the next day for the size of your DB. I have the same setting as you, and it works for me.


Tuan Trinh

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SQL7.0 Backup

by rboudrea66 In reply to SQL7.0 Backup

I was wondering if there is a difference between a backup from the backup manager and using a maintenance plan? I am currently using a maintenance plan but this give me no option to append or replace the data being backed up, where the backup manager allows this. I know one of the main problems I see with running a backup does not give me the option to only backup the data on the DB, I also would be backing up the transaction logs, which would make my backups huge. Could I get some advice as towhat backup plan works best(maintenance plan -or- backup manager) . And in what situation I would use one over the other.

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