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SQR output on same line

By john.a.wills ·
I have this code, and it works, except that the grades start a line below the other information, whereas I want them in a column starting in the same line as the other info. If I uncomment the on-break and delete the +1 I get only one grade printed. What am I doing wrong?
spriden_last_name || ', ' || spriden_first_name || ' ' || spriden_mi (,1,30)
on-break level = 1 print = change after = get-new-page
shrtckn_subj_code (,31,5) on-break level = 2 print = change skiplines = 1
shrtckn_crse_numb (,36,5) on-break level = 3 print = change skiplines = 1
shrtckg_grde_code_final (+1,45) !on-break level = 4 print = always skiplines = 1

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