Squid: Acl Configuration

By tataa ·
Hi all,
Pls could someone help me with the correct syntax of the acl command for banning sites with certain words from being accessed from my network. The match should be for both url and content.


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ban websites or domains in (squid) acl url_regex

by imran.khokhar In reply to Squid: Acl Configuration

so simple & 100% work in (linux - redhat 7-9 fedora 1-6
simple add this lines

acl blocke url_regex -i windowsupdate xxx porn hotmom

http_access deny blocke

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by benpal4ever In reply to Squid: Acl Configuration

Good day...

you can try
acl yourlan src
acl bannedsites url_regex -i
http_access allow yourlan
http_access deny bannedsites

[you can use a text file that contain the list of pornsites you may wish to ban in your network. all you need to do is to point the directory of your text file in the url_regex -i line.

ex. acl bannedsites url_regex -i "/etc/squid/bannedsites.txt"

hope this will help!

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