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Squid as spamFilter

By ashirumusediq ·
Good day,
I am new to Redhat Linux OS but very familiar with Windows OS. Have being able to install RedHat Linux 9 and configure Squid. The Squid is working fine but i need to configure the squid as spam and porn filter. I have read Squidguard documentation by can figure out to solve this problem, i have very little knowledge of programming.
I need a step by step method of configuring the filter.

Best Regards

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by linuxrich2000 In reply to Squid as spamFilter

Go here:

This will help you with the PORN.
That is a little harder

PS: You are better off using IPTABLES to filter the port stuff.
Hope this helps.

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by nstateo In reply to Squid as spamFilter

Use Sguidguard ,you have in Squidguard white&black list and posibilities to allow and deny acces to porn website (
Another posibilities is use Muffin.Muffin is web proxy/filter and not running with Squid.

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by dillip_linux In reply to Squid as spamFilter

There are various tools such as Squidguard,Squirm which can filter the web content.But these processes consume the CPU time and it depends upon ur net connection how the filters will be used.You can use ACL's in the squid.conf to use ur handmade filters.


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by Choppit In reply to Squid as spamFilter

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