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Squid Configuration

By netlink1 ·
I have install Redhat Linux 9.0 And configured a squid proxy server . all is working fine but yahoo messenger is not connecting on no proxy .

please help me in this prob !

Thanks In Advance !

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by BFilmFan In reply to Squid Configuration

Is your network configured to use squid as a transparent proxy ?

If yes, please examine the NAT table on squid. (iptables -t nat -L)

The line that redirects traffic to squid should only catch port 80 packets and not redirect other traffic.

Yahoo messenger uses a variety of ports, none of which is port 80.

For chat ports, check this page:

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by rene927 In reply to Squid Configuration

im using squid (RH linux 9.0) in my proxy server. all our workstations, windows and linux box, are using this proxy without any problem. can u post ur configured squid.conf? (dont include the #commented text)

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by mkathuria In reply to Squid Configuration

It all depends on how you are connecting to the internet. Squid is only a proxy server for some of the protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Gopher and WAIS) so basically you would be using it for web access. How is your network connected to the internet since Squid will only facilitate web or FTP access ? Now if you are using "No Proxy" as a setting, Yahoo Messenger will try to connect to the internet through the default gateway. This gateway in your case could be a hardware router, a linux system acting as a router or the same system on which squid is installed. The gateway should allow your system to access the internet for Yahoo Messenger to connect to the internet. In case there is a firewall, its better to allow Yahoo to connect through HTTP Proxy since Yahoo Messenger connects to large number of different ports on Yahoo servers.

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by peeyush_maurya In reply to Squid Configuration

as said above
squid is only a proxy server, its not a router

you need to configure your linux box for transparent proxy to access yahoo messenger or change setting on messenger.

Peeyush Maurya
Optimise Squid :
ACL sample :

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by naveedhch In reply to Squid Configuration

http_access deny !Safe_ports
http_access allow all
http_access allow ibm , yahoo ,hotmail, (according your requirments)

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by pnbsyamprasad In reply to Squid Configuration

Ihave Install RedHat Linux Enterprose 4, how can i configure squid proxy server

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