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Squid proxy configuration

By paulbernardl ·
Please. could somebody help me or teach me how to configure my squid proxy where i can use the yahoo messenger voice call... coz.. i cannot connect to other peoples network coz it says that i'm behind a firewall... what will i do...


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by Jaqui In reply to Squid proxy configuration

I'm not sure if it is squid causing the problem.
try opening explicitly the port yahoo is trying to get out on for the voice call.

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by hackersforum In reply to Squid proxy configuration

well my friend, this does not seem to be problem of squid because
squid will by default forward all the port connections unless u
specifically allowed only, http port 8080. well i am using squid and
its running fine. check the squid config file to see whether u have
not denied ports 5000-50001 in the config file

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by ICB's corner In reply to Squid proxy configuration

If I know well, the proxy is used for http, ftp, https. I think you must open a port through firewall. The help of yahoo messenger can be useful to know the port number.
I will be back soon with a complete answer.

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by ICB's corner In reply to

This is a part of messenger's help:
"How do I configure my firewall to make Yahoo! Messenger PC-to-PC calls work?
Yahoo! Messenger with Voice will work if any one of these TCP ports are open:
At least ONE of these ports must be open in order to make PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone (Phone Out) calls, or to receive calls (Phone In).
If your connection to the web is through an http proxy, then you won't be able to make or receive calls with your PC.
Don't know if you're using a proxy? You can check by following these steps:
Go to the Messenger menu in the upper left corner of your Messenger window, and select Preferences.
From the Category list at left, choose Connection.
Which button is selected? This will tell you your proxy status. The text below the buttons explains which button is most appropriate for your user environment.
If you are behind a corporate firewall, please contact your network administrator for assistance getting around this issue."

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by thanetadmin In reply to Squid proxy configuration

Unless if there is a firewall configured , there is no chance of voice port block.Also ISPs nowadays block voice ports , pls check the internet without proxy.
Also list iptables -L for any firewall rules in the proxy..


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