Squid proxy on Windows

By fruitbat83 ·
We're impressed with Squid after playing around with it on our Test Network, but before making any major changes, I wanted to check that I'm on the right lines.

We currently have a Netgear DM111P ADSL modem hooked up to a Netgear FVS336G Firewall, which then goes to our Switch. Our SBS server is connected to the Switch.

If I install SquidNT on our SBS Server, and configure each client Web Browser to use the SBS as the Proxy will that work with our exisiting setup? Or should we remove the Netgear FVS336G and replace it with one of our redundant PCs which would run IPcop?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Keep the Netgear, just point the browsers at the proxy

by robo_dev In reply to Squid proxy on Windows

the Netgear has fewer components that can fail (fans, hard drives, etc) and runs a very well hardened OS. IPcop is good if you need to support some more complex topology, but the Netgear is going to be more secure out of the box.

To make your squid work, you can just point the browsers at the proxy. (and lock down the browser settings with GPO policy, if you're trying to control the user net access).

I've worked with Squid a fair amount, but my favorite proxy application is AllegroSurf from RhinoSoft. It costs money, but it is a zillion times easier to configure and manage, and it works with Windows authentication, plus it's a Windows app, has extensive reporting, can easily whitelist or blacklist, etc, etc....

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