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By freemaag ·
We are currently in the process of looking into several options on getting rid of our current Mainframe Computer, which can nolonger be supported by IBM, the (i.e. hardware and Software).

1. Buy new Mainframe, (Not and option)
2. Buy a smaller Mainframe, (long shop, but possible).
3. Keep this one and hope nothing goes wrong (likely).
4. Looking buying computer time from a company that supports mainframe processing. (Possible)

Here lies the problem I cannot locate such companies, I search the I-net for two days. Can you help me find companies that sell/least time for mainfram processing.

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by ReWrite In reply to Sr. Program Manager/Backu ...

Just did a quick look but if you do a web search (I used google) for "mainframe timeshare" you'll get plenty of hits (though some are for property timeshares). Here's a couple of links:





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by rindi1 In reply to Sr. Program Manager/Backu ...

Sounds lika an interesting project. Maybe you have more options, but we need more info:

What is the main usage of the mainframe, what software is running on it? - I'd imagine it is something rather old, if ibm doesn't support it anymore, also, software on mainframes typically is tailored specifically to that customer. Therefore it may be difficult to find companies where mainframe time can be leased from who also have eactly that software. But, since your current system is probably old, you might be able to find PC based solutions.

So, please give some more details...

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by freemaag In reply to

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