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I have not found any info related to this topic within Microsoft so I have turned here in hopes that someone can help. When I boot up Dell Latitude 620 and I keep getting a blue screen with error related to the sr.sys. Has anybody run across this issue and if so any support related to this is greatly appreciated.

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Can you boot in safe mode?

by robo_dev In reply to sr.sys

SR.Sys is the process System Restore Filesystem Filter Driver.

If you can boot in safe mode, I would check for disk corruption and verify/replace that file.

IF you cannot boot at all, then you would have to boot from XP CD and verify/restore that file from the recovery console.

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Did You...

by dawgit In reply to sr.sys

...(or anybody else) change the HD? or the HD configuration? There should have been a small Partition somewhere in FAT 32 pre-loaded on your Laptop. It holds the System Image needed to do a (complete) System Restore (by default). I useally change it, but the correct location (as in a PC enviroment) for the System Restore might need to be set first. Then I say bye-bye to that partition. (One should have what you need on Disk, then encrypt the HD.) Just an idea mind you. As previous poster said, load the OS (as repair, if you need to recover files, than wipe and reinstall) It's the only sure way to be bug free. -d

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