SSD not detected in BIOS

By Mimi3636 ·

I have recently purchased a Kingston M2 A400 and I tried installing it on Windows 10 on my Acer Swift. I connected it perfectly and entered BIOS. However, it is not detected anywhere. The first thing that pops up when I starts windows is “no bootable device”. Almost every solution online refers to the boot settings, but my boot settings turn out to be pretty limited. The only thing that shows up in boot settings is “secure boot”.I then opened the boot manager, but it doesn’t show any settings. I also did the whole Windows setup thing with my USB. The flash drive wasn’t detected though. Is there something I’m missing? I feel like I just either did something really stupid or I’m missing something that is right in front of me.

Thanks in advance.
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by BOB.B In reply to SSD not detected in BIOS

What is the complete model number of the acer swift?

Are you replacing a ssd that was in the m.2 slot?

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by Mimi3636 In reply to SSD

The model is SF-11432. Yes, I replaced a ssd that was in the m2 slot. The one I replaced had less storage.

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sf 11432

by BOB.B In reply to SSD

Is there more to this model number?

What is the make and model of the ssd that you removed?

Does the original ssd show in the bios?

You went through the windows setup using a usb flash stick and then you said the flash drive was not can you go through the setup if the flash stick is not detected?

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sf 11432

by Mimi3636 In reply to sf 11432

I’m not sure if there’s more to it. All I know is that I did recently update everything (including BIOS). The version of the BIOS system is 1.14.
The ssd was also a Kingston m2 ssd with 128 gb. The HDD Model name is KINGSTON RBUSNS8154P3128GJ1 and the serial number is 50026B7682ED8374. The SATA mode is AHCI.
Also, the original ssd does show in the bios.
I didn’t word it correctly. The flash drive did get detected by my laptop. However, when I wanted to choose it during the setup, it said that it couldn’t find any signed device drivers. It wasn’t capable for some reason and I feel like it has something to do with the issue I’m having with the ssd.
I wish I could post photos here to show my bios settings for more clarity.

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by BOB.B In reply to sf 11432

With the old ssd in the machine.

Download and run speccy free.

Then do this and provide a link to the results.

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by BOB.B In reply to speccy

Post a link where you got this bios and other updates.

How did you create the w10 usb flash stick?

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by Mimi3636 In reply to Bios

I got the BIOS update from the acer website :
I update windows through windows 10 in settings and I created the w10 usb flash stick by downloading the Media Creation Tool.

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by BOB.B In reply to Updates

The user manual shows how to create a system restore flash stick.

Create one of those and see if it will boot.

If it does install the new ssd and see if the flash stick will restore windows to it.

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by Mimi3636 In reply to Restore

Alright, I'm currently creating one, but it's pretty slow. I will update you once I'm done :)

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