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    SSH connection to OpenBSD UNIX


    by roman_empire ·

    When I try to connect to OpenBSD UNIX box via SSH port 22 it takes really long time to connect. On the actual console I see the following messages:
    sshd[4753]: log: connection from port nnn
    sshd[4753]: log: could not reverse map address
    Where is the address of the client I am trying to connect from.
    I tried pinging my DNS server – unsuccessful.
    But I could ping other IPs on my network and I could ping the DNS server from any other machine.

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      SSH connection to OpenBSD UNIX

      by hugevlad ·

      In reply to SSH connection to OpenBSD UNIX

      sshd try to resolve client`s ip-address via DNS, but it can`t access DNS-server.
      As you describe, there is problem to make ip-connection between sshd-computer and your DNS-server.
      Does you ping your DNS-server by name or by ip-address ? If by name, then check /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf files.
      If pings fail when pinging bye ip-address, then you need to check route table on sshd-computer (add some routes or default route).
      Use traceroute to locate problem.

      With best regards,

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      SSH connection to OpenBSD UNIX

      by rkeckler2000 ·

      In reply to SSH connection to OpenBSD UNIX

      There are some files that need to edited. These are some that I do.
      /etc/nsswitch.conf: The hosts line reads host: files dns
      It will first look in the local files then check DNS

      nameserver ip.address.of.nameserver

      the ip address of the default router for you subnet needs to be here

      Since we have nameservers I hon’t use the /etc/host file to handle ip address conversions to computer names.
      But if you do it should be like this
      ip.address computername

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