ssh is not connecting in SuSE10

By eldhom ·
I am not able to connect to our SuSE10 - 64 bit machine via ssh. I tried to restart the service using "/etc/initd.d/sshd restart", it is failing without any error message.

To debug i did the following:

1. In the file /etc/init.d/sshd there is an option "start" . Under that there is a statement "startproc -f -f $SSHD_PIDFILE /usr/sbin/sshd $SSHD_OPTS -o "PidFile=$SSHD_PIDFILE"

I added echo $? and restart ssh. Now it failed with error 7.

2. I compared the binary files /usr/sbin/sshd of this machine and another machine [suse 10 64 bit] in which ssh is working. Both differ.

3. I tried to replace the following files from another system in which ssh is working.


and then restarted ssh. Still the same error.

Kindly let me know how to fix this issue.

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by ---TK--- In reply to ssh is not connecting in ...

error 7 is ERROR_SSH_UNSUPPORTED_CIPHER - There is no cipher supported by both: client and server.

I would suggest run at CLI "man ssh-keygen" and look at your options, it sounds like you might need a new authentication key for ssh...

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One small detail

by robo_dev In reply to well....

if the binaries are different, just copying in replacement binaries may not work; there may be dependencies such as libraries that are also different.

Is this an internet-connected server? If your binaries have changed, I would look closely to see if a rootkit has been installed.

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