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    by adamtan81 ·

    Hi, I would like to know what is the procedures of setting up a SSL in the online transaction connection of websites and my company. I’m currently using ASP for the development.

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      by beermonster ·

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      Briefly. Whether or not a site uses ssl is dictated (in iis anyway) by the security settings that are placed on the site configuration within the IIS properties of the site, and not within the site code itself. You must obtain an ssl certificate from a known authority (verisign, thawte etc) for which you will need to provide proof of who you are, as well as a certificate request generated via the ‘request certificate’ wizard within IIS itself. the certificate – which is tied to the domain name the site will be accessed by – needs then to be loaded onto the server. You can get a test certificate as well as the corresponding test root certificate from most of the certificate companies for testing purposes, note that a test certificate will cause an error if you try to use it ‘for real’.

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