SSL and IIS Problem.

By takuya_101 ·
Well I'm still trying to learn who to setup SSL without it coming up with an certificate error, here is my setup.

My setup is, ADSL Modom, Liunx Gateway, Windows Server.

While setting up CA in Windows Server 2003, do I use the Gateways DNS name or the Name of the Windows Server?

After some reading, I have this question.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to SSL and IIS Problem.

The certificate should match the name of the url that is used to access the website. So if your web site is, your certificate name should be

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Has been tried.

by takuya_101 In reply to Certificates

That was something I tired, to save time I made an image of my server before enabing CA. I have tried:

And a few more I can't remeber, when I was reading up on Exchange Server, when I found that I need to use the front-end server this may be my firewall box, but I can't be sore.

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