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By L.Gulyban ·
A colleague and I recently installed an inhouse server certificate on a Windows 2003 server. The install went fine. The server is used to e-mail alert messages to users in the environment concerning system status. Users can login to the server but cannot e-mail reports. The error messages to the users is certificate not found. We did try to view the certificate on the server to check if it is valid and receive a message indicating, "Windows does not have enough information to view this certificate". What does this mean? What information is missing? How do we resolve this? Any help is appreciated.

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what kind of certificate

by lowlands In reply to SSL Certificate

What kind of certificate are you using? Did you get one from an external verdor like Verisign, Thawte or something like that?
Or is it a self signed certificate?

It sounds like there is something off in the certificate chain. It most likely can't verify either the root CA or the CRL.

But without very detailed information it's very hard to know for sure

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by L.Gulyban In reply to what kind of certificate

It is a self signed certificate. What could be missing in the certificate?

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It might be

by lowlands In reply to Cerfiticate

the wrong kind of certificate for the job.

Was the cert generated as part of the (email) application install, or did you find it somewhere on the system?

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I was guessing that too

by L.Gulyban In reply to It might be

The cert was generated for encryption for the web application and the web application does have the option to e-mail reports

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