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SSL on IIS 5

By ratherbfishing ·
I recently enabled SSL on an internal web site to do some testing. I installed Certificate Services on the same server, and then in the IIS wizard for the site, I selected use an existing certificate, and used the one that was installed on the server when Certificate Services was setup.

I set the SSL port to 443. I did not select to use 128 bit encryption.

The problem is that with SSL enabled, the website reports it can't find the requested page. I tested by using http:, and got the message that it is a secured site. I used https: and got the "entering a secured site" pop-up message, but then got the "Can't find requested page" error. If I disbale SSL, then it works fine again.

I am using Explorer 5.5 as web browser. I made sure that in the Internet Options it is set to use SSL 2 and 3.

Any ideas why with SSL I cannot access the pages? I must be missing something here!


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SSL on IIS 5

by Joseph Moore In reply to SSL on IIS 5

I'm not very experienced with Certificate Server, but I have used it before, and I had to set up a certificate for the web site itself, not just using the certificate it made on installation. So, did you try making a certificate for the web server specifically?
I remember I requested a certificate on the web server through its wizard. Next, I connected to the web page CS sets up, and ran through the signup there, then went to the CS and accepted the certificate request, then went back to the CS web page and downloaded the certificate onto the web server.
THEN I did the certificate wizard on the web server and imported the certificate.
Then it worked.

Lastly, I take it there are no firewall issues in this, or IP filters blocking port 443? 'Cause that would do it also.

Hope this helps.

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SSL on IIS 5

by ratherbfishing In reply to SSL on IIS 5

Yes, I figured it out, just like you said. You were really going back to find this question!


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SSL on IIS 5

by ratherbfishing In reply to SSL on IIS 5

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