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SSL... Seems Easy. Is it?

By mayahlynn ·
My company is launching an ASP start up and part of the configuration involves Secure Socket Layers. I have played the role of Web Master, Network Admin and IT Manager but somehow in my 10 year career I have never had to implement SSL. From my research the IIS portion of Certificate Management appears cut and dry and I have found plenty of documentation covering this but the Certificate Authority Server side appears to be more complex and I want to make sure that I set up the structure correctly now to avoid problems in the future. We are only in the planning stages now but I want to be prepared.

We are running IIS 6 on MS Windows Server 2003. I have reviewed MS Technet and the knowledge Base. Any advice, suggestions, books, websites that anyone has found useful would be a great benefit to me.


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by araxis In reply to SSL... Seems Easy. Is it?

Read up & compare between their services & offerings.If you are curious about the catch in some of their prices one tip I can give is "look at how much the warranty of the certificate covers to your end user" example: Our certificate if your customers credit card should ever be compromised covers up to 1k in damages,or ours covers them up to 10k in damages..

Hope this helps..

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it's pretty staight forward.

by secure_lockdown In reply to try..

try comodo as alternative to verisign. i have used them and they are pretty good. they even have a good support page for IIS.

the thing to know about certificates is - they are only as useful/trusted as the root. if i create my own root cert. server and give myself a cert and you visit my site - it's pretty useless, it's like me telling you "i am a great trustworty guy, give me your bank card". why should you believe me?

if Bank of America gave me a cert and told you "I am a great trust worthy guy", you have more reason to believe that - they are a "reputable" source. hope that makes some sense.


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