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By ronkehoe ·
We are currently evaluating several SSL VPN vendors. Does anyone have input that might make this decision easier? What products to stay away from, what products worked like a charm...

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by Jaqui In reply to SSL VPN

works with openssl.
both are free, and work extremely well.

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Not first hand

by Jellimonsta In reply to SSL VPN

I have not used SSL VPN first hand but have heard (from numerous sources) that the Juniper Networks solutions are very good. May be worth checking out.

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The Best 3; 3 to Avoid; & 1 M.O.R.

by ExForce In reply to SSL VPN

We have conducted extensive research and have determined that the three leaders are: Juniper/NetScreen Secure Access(formerly Neoteris)
F5 FirePass

They lead not only in market share, but also in technology (features/functions). They have the most mature management systems that will save admins days of time.

Be warry of offerings from Check Point and Nokia - imature and lack development. Whale does not scale.

Middle of the road: Nortel Networks - offers IPSec/SSL VPN combo units in Contivity and Alteon product lines.

I have been "sales" trained on these and can sell all but Whale.

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by phate5180 In reply to SSL VPN

I would suggest in addition to whatever products you evaluate, that you also give PortWise a chance within your evaluation. I am not a salesman for them but I do work as a techincal support point-man for their product and have been a member of TechRepublic for a few years now.

PortWise is huge in Europe and is just penetrating the U.S. market. (Hence the reason their name isn't as well known here as Juniper, Cisco or other "500-lb guerrillas".) The evaluation is free and the product is comprehensive in its approach to addressing all areas of security.

Of course it's completely up to you whether of not you want to check it out, but I couldn't help myself from not joining in on a question such as this. :-) If you want more info go to their website or write me direct at Good luck in whatever you choose!

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Citrix Secure gateway has a new SSL vpn

by tsingleton1 In reply to Hello

This citrix solution can be inexpensive if you already have Citrix installed.

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Have you looked at open source solutions?

by NI70 In reply to SSL VPN

Found this SSL-Explorer at Can not vouch for it as I haven't used it nor tested it. Our organization currently uses Cisco VPN. There are several other's mentioned at

Good luck on your research!

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VPN Curious

by In reply to SSL VPN

I am also doing research on VPN solutions although only to support my SOHO environment. I came across a Linux based security appliance from Their gear reads really nice but has anyone used it? My question would be could you install OpenVPN 2.0 onto the Linux appliance and have a VPN solution supporting SSL & IPSec?

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