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Staff Capacity Planning for future projects

By GJ2008 ·
I need to produce a capacity plan for the project managers and developement teams for the coming year. This will be key to what we do over the next year because we need to understand the human resources required to do the work we have to - and ensuring that we have the right number - no more no less. This will be a manual process as we are not authorised to purchase software for this specific task. Can anyone advise how I can do/plan this?
Are there any sample plans/spreadhseets I can use as templates? Many thanks.

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This is a joke right?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Staff Capacity Planning f ...

Have as anybody give you a vague clue as to how much work needs doing and for when?

If I got asked to do this, once I'd got up off the floor.

I'd put my head out of the window, wet my thumb and come back with the answer Northeast.

Send an email to teh PM and development managers, for what their manning requirements are.
When they get back to you add them up...

If this isn't an acceptable solution send the email anyway, then start looking for a new job. Not a chance in **** of you getting it right.

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I have more information

by GJ2008 In reply to This is a joke right?

In summary, I will be extracting information out of various teams with regards to what work/projects we have open at the moment and also what's coming up in the next year. I will then find out from the development team leaders how many resources are currently being used and then forecast how many will be needed for the coming year. I guess the forecasting is something I will need to do with assistance of the development team leaders?

I will then need to present my headcount predictions/capacity plan to the senior management team and advise them on how to fill in the gaps (hire staff) and utilise current skills in the best way.

What do you think is the best way to construct and present this capacity plan to senior management? Some sort of spreadsheet format?

I've checked with all our Project Managers to see if they carry out a similar exercise at the beginning of each of their projects to work out tasks vs resources however none of them follow a consistent approach or have anything I can use as a template/guideline for me to develop in to a bigger plan.

What format do you suggest I present this in as they won't buy any of the available software out there to do this but at the same time it has to look good as they will be basing some of their recruitment decisions on this?

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