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Staffing for a business and cost associated with IT

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Staffing is a very important experience for any organization. An organisation’s success or failure pretty much depends on the kind of people working for it. Staffing is also an important thing in an organization because there is a lot of cost associated with it and it is a recurring cost which the organization bears month after month. Beside these macro level features of staffing there are many essential features associated with it.
Investment in workforce is one the biggest investment a company has to bear every month. If the workforce is working efficiently returns are good and if the workforce is inefficient the company can end up in losses. Staffing helps recruit people with the right skill set which in return ensures efficient working as the job demands. Staffing has a long term effect on any organization, an employee once recruited takes time to deliver and even the organization takes time to gauge employee potential and also it takes time to find out if an employee is not worth. Hence a bad recruit can cost the organization a lot of time and money.
The investments an organization makes in capital goods like machinery, software and equipment, etc will also yield profit only if the man force can make good and efficient use of it. Efficient and trained work force has a multiplier effect on other investments also. Each employee learns from his experiences and other workers around him. A work place enriches its employee’s skill set through constant learning at the workplace. Such learning is not just through personal experience, but also through the experience of others around.
With new technologies entering market the need for man force trained in that specific field has increased. An organization can always buy new equipment and machinery, but it also needs to figure out how to operate them. Like in the case a company procures a cloud based service solution, it would also need man force to manage it or to operate it. Hence staffing comes into the picture again. It is clear from this example that staffing services are very important for an organization and also that there is a huge cost associated with it. It is for this reason many organizations are now taking up outsourcing staffing services to third party companies, which help to save cost of staffing and at the same time get well trained and qualified professionals.

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Recent TechRepublic Article on Cloud and Staffing

by lenaweber02 In reply to Staffing for a business a ...

Did you read the recent article here on Tech Republic ( It talks about just this problem. According to a recent report by Rackspace, 71% of IT leaders said they needed to invest more in their staff to take full advantage of the cloud.

One of the most interesting issues pointed out by the report is that an economist with Indeed said that there is a "global mismatch between the cloud roles advertised versus those being searched by IT professionals." So where's the disconnect? Is it because the roles advertised represent real business need/talent and the searches are for "ideal" roles? I know I've seen job descriptions that almost required the IT professional to have super powers. I always wondered if that was because the job description was written by a manager/executive who didn't fully understand the job, or was hoping for a unicorn who could do everything by themselves.

That comment makes me want to know what those IT professionals were searching for. They admit they don't have the in house talent to really use the cloud, so can I trust that the role they want is truly realistic? {shrug}

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