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    Stalled Harddrive?????


    by bottomsup ·

    well i have a problem i have a fair amout of desktops and i had one little lonely desktop that sat in the drystorage for about a year. i never knew exactly what it was doing there but one day i checked it out. i fired it up at the windows 98 screen came on and then the screen went black. i took the harddrive out of the pc and placed it in another pc to see if i had a bad motherboard, not the smartest thing, next thing i knew i the same thing happend to the other see. so i went further into the pc and realized that when i unplugged the eid cable’s the harddrive began to spin and i made sure the cables weren’t backwards. help, how do i get this bloody harddrive spinning again.
    upset comp. guy.

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