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I am looking for a voice recorder to use for my homeowner association meetings to establish a record of what occurs during those meetings. The attendees will be aware of the device prior to the start of each meeting. I need to record the board and the audience for archival purposes. I don't know the best options available and need suggestions.

Feel free to mention brand/models of devices, but please leave out internet links.
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There has never been a best for this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to stand alone voice recorde ...

The room layout, noise and more mean that we have to tailor such to each venue. My son specialized in audio for film work so we talked a lot about such work.

The cheap way may be fine which is something like a TASCAM DR-40 with a pair of good mics. Portable and will fit some but not all situations.

As the board size grows you may have to get one mic per board member that goes to a mixer panel and another for the attendee that goes to the podium. Someone will man the mixer and do the usual setup and testing prior to the meeting.

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by blackclover0409 In reply to stand alone voice recorde ...

I think you can use your cell phone as a recorder, I think and I think it would be one of the cheapest options.

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