Stand By option is disabled after reinstalling Windows Xp!!

By darwhekaramit ·
Dear All,

Recently I formatted my laptop hard drive and reinstalled Windows Xp service pack 1.

Before the reinstallation, my laptop had Stand By option. However, after reinstalling Xp, Stand By button appears disabled. My laptop no longer goes on Stand By mode when I close its lid. The Stand By or Hibernate tab in the Power Options window is also not available after the reinstallation.

To worsen the matter, I am not getting any technical support from Acer (I am using Acer Aspire 5550), since I have bought the laptop in India and presently I am using it in USA.

I would appreciate if any one could help me to resolve this problem.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hibernation needs to be enabled

by grez In reply to Stand By option is disabl ...

Hi Amit!
1)right click on your desktop
2)Choose properties
3)click on "screen saver"
4)click on "power"
5)click on "hibernate" tab
6)check off "enable hibernation", click apply / ok
Try the shutdown feature and see what options appear. That should do it. Don't forget to upgrade to SP2.

Good luck!

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RE: Hibernate needs to be enabled

by darwhekaramit In reply to Hibernation needs to be e ...

Dear Grez,

First of all, I apologize for such a late reply to your kind advice.

Further, I followed the steps described by you. However, when I open the Power Option Properties dialogue box, I have neither Hibernate tab nor Stand By tab available.

In addition, by referring to discussions in techrepublic forums, I checked the BIOS setting of my laptop. I am using Phoenix BIOS. However, I could not find the Power Management option in the BIOS settings. Then, I also checked the compatibility of my laptop to the ACPI utility using the device manager. I found that the laptop is ACPI compatible.

In spite of all necessary hardware and software available on the computer, I am unable to activate the Stand By option of my laptop.

I would appreciate if you could guide me further in this regard.

Thank you very much for the kind help.



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no hibernation option

by arpitnot4u In reply to Hibernation needs to be e ...

i read your previous post, but here i am not having any hibernation tab and also in the power schemes tab stand by option is not avaliable.....

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I suggest ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to no hibernation option

That you start your own Question from scratch, rather than appending it to the end of a thread that dies over two years ago.

By starting your own question, you can achieve 2 things this thread will NOT give you:

#1 You have the opportunity to establish all the pertinent facts that apply to your own case, rather than being misinterpreted based on what someone else has specified.

#2 You will receive email prompts each time someone replies to YOUR question - this will NOT HAPPEN if you are waiting for replies to this post. :)

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