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    Standalone Access Database


    by chiiiba ·

    Is it possible 2 create a ‘shell’ around it (ie embedd it into anothr program) so it runs as a standalone programme (without having Access installed on the PC)…what development tools or software can I use. Or should I design a new application and if so what software would you recommend


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      by melodia angelina ·

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      With access you cannot create a exe file which runs as a standalone. However, you can do the following:

      1- Create the mdb database file
      2- From VB use the OpenDatabase method of the DAO workspace to connect to the mdb file specifying only the path.

      for example:

      Dim dbsTemp as Database

      set dbstemp = OpenDatabase(“db1.mdb”)

      provided that the db1.mdb is in the sample local directory of your application.

      I hope that is helpful.

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      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Standalone Access Database

      What used to exist, but I’m not certain whether it’s still there in the latest MS Office versions, is the Access runtime. If you develop Access apps, you can build a runtime distrib including the app and give it FREE to customers of your app. What they get of course (after installing the runtime and mdb) is a set of exes which can only run, not design/change etc.


      – The Netherlands

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      by d_gilmour_1978 ·

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      I have seen this done before. What they did was changed the password to access the database and then hardcoded it into a front-end app (probably vb). This meant that the access source was hidden and you couldn’t access the data without the password. It wasn’t 100% fool proof but it worked rather well. I am not sure exactly how they set it up but that is the method they used.

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