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Standard EDI is there a successful replacement?

By emlesz ·
Abstract: How many successful implementations are there for a very large material base in the Supply Chain Management (SCM) using a XML solution rather than EDI?

We are currently using EDI to successfully transport and receive messages through a VAN. To date we have never had any problems translating many message types using both ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT standards.

There has been much discussion recently about replacement of standard EDI with better systems for B2B Exchange, but not many success stories.

Our systems work without any user intervention, and communicate efficiently with a SAP R/3 system. The fact that a document is exchanged via a transport layer is, and should be transparent to the user of the systems.

As a tier 1 supplier in the Automotive Industry we receive schedules (EDIFACT DELFOR and X12 830) from our customers for hundreds of materials a day. We subsequently place orders on our suppliers for many more products using the same criteria. We also receive JIT messages for on time delivery, and send Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) to inform as to when our goods will arrive at the Customer.

My experience to date of the web portal technology is that it is just not as efficient. After all we have many customers each with their own web interface, even more suppliers with their own web portals and yet with the EDI system we operate within only a few variations of a base X12 or EDIFACT standard, and have never had any problems finding a common carrier even amongst the Internet exchanges such as ODETTE (Europe) ANX (America) and Asia (most of whom in my experience use GXS).

I have recently been involved with a major customer who moved to an XML based solution. But guess what, we could not agree on a communication standard, so we settled on EDI and are sending them Advanced Shipping Notices (as an ANSI X12 856 message) and they seem to be interpreting them correctly as a view of their web portal suggests. They on the other hand cannot send us good usable schedule data, consequently we cannot guarantee supply. At this time our users have to download data from a web portal, and I have written a system to convert this to a usable content message very similar to an ANSI X12 830 message. Why the e-Business solutions provider cannot provide me with a DELFOR or 830 documents without user intervention remains a mystery?

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by Nadra.absi In reply to Standard EDI is there a s ...

Can you tell me more about the customer contact that is unable to send you proper x12 830, maybe we can help him, and at the same time, you can have a look at our product: "eLife Coupler" at

with our product living with legacy EDI x12 or migrating to the new EDI XML is very easy.

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