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Standards in Naming Convention

By house ·
Alright. In my opinion - All of the major Threat and Security Response teams should get together to develop a solid standard in the naming convention of viruses. All too often, I see three or four different names for the exact same infection.

Latest example today -

Panda: rolly.a.worm
AVG: Worm/VB.3.a

What do you think?

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I agree

by stress junkie In reply to Standards in Naming Conve ...

I arrived at this position when I found out that the Code Red virus was named by the jack-hole that discovered it while he was drinking a Mountain Dew Code Red drink.

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by Choppit In reply to Standards in Naming Conve ...

A naming standard would certainly reduce confusion and allow the IT community to deploy preventative measures faster.

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Different Names

by BFilmFan In reply to Definitely

I agree, but virus heatherns just love to put their personal name stamp on those viri.

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Sure, you can keep the name stamp...

by house In reply to Different Names

just the extensions like @mm, w32, etc, should remain standard.

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And what about...

by LiamE In reply to Different Names

And what about the other sort of virus heathen that thinks that 'viri' (or indeed 'virii') is the plural of virus?

Latin 101 anyone?

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On the other hand

by stress junkie In reply to And what about...

Shouldn't it be virea, just as the plural of octopus is octopea? Then again says that the plural of octopus is either octopuses or octopi and that the plural of virus is viruses.

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You made that up

by LiamE In reply to On the other hand

Octopea! You made that up, didnt you?

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by Choppit In reply to You made that up

I just googled 'Octopea' and it appears that a new word has just been invented. Google made me no clearer as to the real plural, but Octopuses seems the most likely.

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Octopi and octopuses

by LiamE In reply to Octopea!

Octopi and octopuses are both legitimate. As octopus has a latin root you can use either the latin or anglicised rules for pluralisation.

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by house In reply to Octopea!

There... problem solved. As if we have 3 plural renditions of Octopus.

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