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Standby Compensation

By dboyd ·
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I 've been asked to draft a proposal for on-call/standby compensation. Our network is rapidly becoming a 24x7 necessity and I must decide how to compensate employees that are on-call for weekends and nights. All network employees are salaried (suggesting that one option would be "work standby or hit the bricks"). Does anyone else have suggestions on how to compensate (financially) for being "on the leash" 24x7?

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Standby Compensation

by Lfandrew In reply to Standby Compensation

I have worked in several companies in which salaried network people carried beepers for 24x7 coverage. The best way to handle this is to have a rotation schedule between the people. One person designated as "primary" contact, another as secondary contact.

Compensation should be given to the "primary" contact. Just because employees are on salary, does not imply that "work standby or hit the bricks" is acceptable. You could loose a good network employee because he/she "hit the bricks". Asuggestion is give a small compensation such as a predetermined percentage of their weekly salary for the week they carry the beeper. Also, a stipend for every call they take. The secondary usually receives nothing
unless they answer a call.
I hope this helps

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Standby Compensation

by dboyd In reply to Standby Compensation

Some numbers to go along with ideas would be
good... what % of salary... stipend amount?
Doesn't have to be precise, just ballpark.

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