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    Standby problem


    by jthibodeau ·

    How do I prevent my computer from going into stnadby while it is at a login screen? There has to be some way to modify the registry.

    Thank You

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      Standby & hibernate are two of XPs bad points. I always turn both off in Power Options in Control Panel.

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      by jthibodeau ·

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      I have tried that. It seems to only take effect when a user is logged on.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      You can not do this it’s part of Windows Security.

      What you can do is prevent the Screen saver coming on while Windows is running but you can not prevent the screen saver starting while the Log On screen is present you should log on and then walk away from the system if you require the system running.

      From past experience I’ve found the Hibernate Option one of the less than desirable options as most times the systems will fail to restart and require a Hard Boot to get working again. This is OK on a Home System but useless on a Business System.

      As for it being possible well I suppose it is but that would require breaking the EULA by looking at the Source Code and disabling something by deleting one or more lines of code. As far as a Registry Hack goes I’m not sure if that would do anything as technically at that stage the Registry really isn’t running fully if at all, it only loads after the password has been typed in and enter pressed.


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      by ontheropes ·

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      Turn off standby and hibernate for all users.

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      by sanphire ·

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      No need to moidify the registry.

      The logon screen runs as the .DEFAULT user and so all settings (screen saver, power management, desktop picture, etc) are held under the HKU\.DEFAULT settings. This is physically held as NTUSER.DAT in your My Documents & Settings\Default folder.

      To set up a power policy – build a fresh new user, log on and modify the power settings in the control panel. Now copy the NTUSER.DAT file from your My Documents & Settings\ file and dump it on top of the NTUSER.DAT in the Default user’s directory.

      Now log off, log in to your normal user account to delete the temporary user.

      This has been tried and tested on a number of Windows XP machines. Now all my desktops behave and standby if left unused on the log-in screen. Happier Planet!

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