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Hello guys, I`ve got a few questions about one of the most popular Space X`s projects.
Starlink is a really great project by Space X. It is a step in the future and it gives only a positive impact especially to those people who didn`t have reliable sources of the internet. Personally, I have a few questions about Starlink. When it starts work at its full capacity? Will the price for it be reduced (600$ a bit too much)
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That would be 2027 for completion.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Starlink

That was on the webs.

As to price, most complain about the 99$ a month cost for a service that currently drops out. That is, UNUSABLE for most gamers.

I disagree it's a good thing for those without reliable Internet since as it is today, Starlink is unreliable.

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