Start a program as administrator permanently

By Healer ·
How can one set a program to always remember the administrator password for starting-up so no intervening prompt would come up? I vaguely remember one can do it on XP Pro but not XP Home. I would like to apply to Windows 7 and Vista where old programs need to run in compatible modes.

Moreover, is there a way on Windows 7 and Vista to selectively disable the UAC for programs starting in compatible modes?

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by ReArmedHalo In reply to Start a program as admini ...

I belive this should work. Right click program and goto compatablility tab. click show settings for all users and select run as admin. close that dialog and click okay. that should work. if not i am not to sure then. I think that is what i did to get it to work for me.

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that's the one

by .Martin. In reply to admin

that's the only way (I can think of) in Vista and 7 to always run with admin privileges

as for disabling UAC for just programs running in compatibility, either you disable it for everything, or not at all.

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It does work to me as you said but

by Healer In reply to admin

there is no option to remember the password. I would like it to start seamlessly without prompting at all. While I am logged on as an administrator it still comes up requiring a click. Moreover I don't usually log on as non-administrator for usual work so it asks for password as well.

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Changing UAC settings

by JessicaD421 In reply to Start a program as admini ...


You can control your UAC settings by going to "Change User Account Control Settings." Also, for additional assisatance Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams.

Microsoft Windows Client Team

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Application Compatibility Toolkit

by Healer In reply to Changing UAC settings

I am not too sure if the currently available TweakUAC works with Windows 7 which is the operating system I have. TweakUAC doesn't say one can selectively prevent outdated programs from popping up the UAC message either.

I have found and downloaded the Application Compatibility Toolkit yesterday and I shall try it when I get a chance.

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