Start a service after a program has started after boot In XP

By vegregious ·
I would like to be be able to start an opc service after the application that uses it has started up after boot. If the service starts before the application it errors on resource conflict?
Is there a way to start the service with a script?

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Starting services

by Bizzo In reply to Start a service after a p ...

You could use the NET START command to start the service after the application has run.

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Net start

by vegregious In reply to Starting services

I did see that but I didn't believe it would work. after reading about it more I tried it and it did work. Suprise suprise ! Sometime the obvious is the hardest to see. Thanks for your help.

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by wesley.chin In reply to Start a service after a p ...

How are you starting the service right now?

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by vegregious In reply to Hm

The service was started manually after manually launching an app. What started the whole thing was I moved this cpu into a cabinet and booted it back up. After a couple of days someone discovered that this box wasn't collecting data ( it's main function) So I found a person that knew what to start to get it running. ( Iam a consultant for machine functions) There are not many folks around here with experience on the older stuff. The service had to start after the app loaded or there were conflicts. So after that I wanted to make it boot up log in automatically launch the app and start the service.In the Application I found a configuration file that runs post launch. That is where I started the service from. I just couldn't find how to run a cmd file The config only wanted to run an exe so I ended up using cmd.exe net start "opc service name" and It worked.
This may be more info than you wanted. All is well now thanks for your help

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