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    Start > All Programs not working Properly in Windows Vista


    by syedali1975 ·

    Hi All,
    I am not sure if someone before experienced this issue. This issue is very peculiar. I am using Windows Vista Home Premium so far everything was working fine, but since last two days when I click start > All Programs > then to any of the subprograms I get to the list of the programs but before I select any program from the list the screen disappears I tried so many times but its not working, every time when I try to select anything from the list in the start menu all programs the list would appear for few seconds and then before I select it would go away.
    So far I restored my Laptop to two days and finally to five days before the issue appears but to no avail.
    Then after googling I found one solution switch to the classic start menu, after I switch the programs and list don?t disappear.

    After that I again switch back to windows vista start menu and again the same issue.

    Also I observed that all my windows are blinking, in the sense, they are giving a sense of blink in the form of vibration.

    I ran several virus programs including Norton antivirus, avira antivirus but none come up with any virus and showing system as clean.

    Can someone help me what?s happening.

    Any suggestion or solution are most welcome and thanks in advance.

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