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By wzeig ·
How does one go about changing the word "start" in the lower left hand corner, to whatever one pleases? I know I had done so previosly. I'm using Win XP Home w/SP2

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by dmiles In reply to Start button

Change the word START:

Copy the file EXPLORER.EXE from your Windows directory to a temporary working directory.
Using a hex editor (like UltraEdit-32), open the copy of EXPLORER.EXE.
Search for 53 00 74 00 61 00 72 00 74, which are the letters in the word "Start," separated by null characters (#00). It's a good idea to search and replace all occurances of Start in the file, as just editing this one doesn't seem to do it.
You can replace any of the five characters, but do not change the null characters. Although you can't use a word longer than five characters, you can have shorter words by including spaces (#32) for the remaining places.
Save the changes and exit to DOS (for Windows 9x/Me) or reboot into the Windows Recovery Console (Windows XP/2000).
Here, you'll be able to backup the original file and replace it with your modified version. When you restart Windows, the change should take effect immediately.

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by Etoile In reply to Start button

I was able to do it following dmiles instructions with a slight variation.

Don't search for the string 53 00 74 00 61 00 72 00 74 (which is for Start), but search for 73 00 74 00 61 00 72 00 74 (which is for start - lower case 's'). There were less strings to replace. Also, I found that only replacing the 53 00... strings altered the look of the start menu without changing the word start.

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by abc_00112001 In reply to Start button

for this u have to modify d explorer.exe which is there in windows folder.

run a tool called Resource Hacker (download from from that open explorer.exe in the categories expand String Table then folder 37, under that click on 1033. If you are using the Classic Layout rather than the XP Layout, use number 38. The right hand pane will display the stringtable. modify item 578, currently showing the word ?start? just as it displays on the current Start button. just modify the word "Start" and type watever u want n its done.

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