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Sorry to butt in, but you had a gentelman enter a command in Run, question, how if the drive wasn't working? I ask because Both my drives stoped working and code 39 came up and I've tried some solutions but no good. any suggestions. I entered amount of ram, a proceedure said not enough Thanks.

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Well firstly the Run Box is a CLI

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Start Run

And requires Windows to be running to be able to reach it.

I'm not sure about the case that you are talking about but generally when you use a CLI to check a HDD it's a second non-running drive that you are telling the computer to do something with.

Incidentally as this is a Community Forum there isn't one person answering questions so if you ask about a previous question you'll need to supply some more detail as it's more than likely that who ever attempts to answer your question has No Idea of the previous question.

Are you sure that both your HDD's have failed? What's more likely is that the Interface Controller or the Data Lead has failed or maybe even the PS is on it's way out and failing to provide enough power to allow the HDD's to start spinning.

I would suggest that you try them either in a USB Enclosure on another computer or just fit them to another computer that can use a drive of their size. The USB option would be the better of the 2 as you are not limited by BIOS on the size of the HDD that it can use.


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