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Start Up - Booting problems

By wolverine93 ·
Having problems getting computer booted up. I hit the power button and it lights up green but nothing happens. No POST, no drives lighting up, monitor light turns to orange. CPU fan runs and keyboard lights do flash when power first turned on. I can finally get it to boot up after trying power button like 200 times. Once system boots up everything works fine. Ideas?

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by hughiemcginley In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...

Try a different power supply and and different on/off button.

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by willcomp In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...

If replacing power supply doesn't work or if you want to test for culprit:

Disconnect power leads from all drives (HDD, FDD, and Optical drives).

Remove any cards not needed for basic boot. Essentially everything but video card.

Try to boot up with minimal configuration. If successful, sequence components back starting with HDD, then Optical, then FDD, and finally add in cards.

You quite possibly have an intermittent short or ground caused by power connectors, bad drive, or faulty card (most likely modem).

Loads of luck.


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by wolverine93 In reply to

Faulty modem it was! Thanks!

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by Bapster In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...

You may have a bad expansion card, typically a defective modem, or other card. Pull each card out one at a time, then re-power up.

I have seen this alot when internal modems are hit by an electrical storm. Normally, removing the defective modem, the machine will boot up normally. If this is the culprit, you can pick up a replacment modem really cheap!

Good luck!

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by wolverine93 In reply to

You were right on the money. I pulled the modem out and it fired right up. Put it back in just to test and the problem came right back. Tim for a new modem! Thanks!

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...


Also check your mobo for dead electrolytic capacitors. These are little cans sitting up on the board, usually near the CPU. If any show signs of bulging, on top or the sides, they are shot.
Unfortunately they are very difficult to replace, requiring sophisticated unsoldering equipment. Normal equipment usually results in damage to the mobo. As a last ditch effort you can try to physically chop them away until just the leads stick out of the board and solder new ones to these leads.

Good luck.

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by wolverine93 In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by wolverine93 In reply to Start Up - Booting proble ...

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