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    Start Up Prob


    by a+ crusader ·

    It takes me at least 3 attempts to get my desktop to appear. It either goes to main menu or just reboots on its own.

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      by wchaster ·

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      Run a scan for virus and malware, if they are both clean then check your hard drive for space and fragmentation.
      Another common cause to frequent reboot is heat, do you hear any load fan noises or are the fans still spinning.
      When was the case last opened and the system checked for dust bunnies?
      When was the system last rebuilt?
      How old is the system?
      Are there any other changes to the loaded software that happened just before the problem you are having?

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      Open your case and make sure everything is seated properly. As above, clean it out.

      Boot your computer in Safe Mode and run scandisk, followed by defrag. The latter task may take a couple of hours or more depending on the size of your hard drive(s).

      Next run SFC, the system file checker, which will make sure none of your core system files are corrupt. It will also let you know if there is a later version available for you to use. You will need your Win95/98 installation disk.

      Make sure you have the latest drivers for ALL your hardware. Also, find out if you need any firmware updates from the manufacturer’s web sites

      Next, reboot, press F8 at the POST screen and enable boot logging. This will create a text file that lists all drivers and Windows components and whether they loaded successfully. You will be able to identifiy any suspect drivers from this file.

      Let us know how you get on.

      Good luck

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      by a+ crusader ·

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      I ran that AVG on it and it seems to be fine. Its my mother computer so it might be a few before I figure it out. I did do the registry check on it resently but, that seemed to be when it started???

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      by douglasb ·

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      Are you by any chance using a motherboard that requires a 12volt connector, and it is not connected and/or your power supply does not have the 12volt connector. This will cause sporadic boots.

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