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Start up problem

By dbear40 ·
I have a start up problem. When starting computer the post will stop at the CD drivers and will not go any farther. Have checked the jumpers on the two cd drivers and have proper slave and master. Don't have boot up disc. Is the BIOS maybe set wrong?

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by TheChas In reply to Start up problem

I've seen several things cause this type of behavior.

1. For many motherboards, the Primary Master MUST be a hard drive.
Any other type of drive connected as primary master will cause the system to halt.

2. If your IDE cable is a cable select style cable, and the drive set as master is connected to the slave connection, this will cause the IDE controller to lock up.

3. A bad or backward IDE cable.

4. BIOS hard set for a specific drive that is different than the drive connected.
Make sure to use either Auto-Detect settings, or use the BIOS drive detection feature.


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by OTL In reply to Start up problem

Have one on my desk, right now. Decided to go Out To Lunch and never came back. CD driver verifies the CD it is driving and if no confirmation will wait for an answer. Try booting with only one CD on the PC if it works suspect the other as the problem. Or be dumber than the machine and ask the BIOS what is part of the system (does not help much when BIOS says CD is part of the system ! Just can not talk to it !)

Other option is (in safe mode) delete CD's and let Win reload drivers.

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