start up problems

By abedwaite ·
I am having trouble starting my pc. sometimes it lets me advance to the
user sign page and sometimes it stalls there. if i can get it then it just
idles as though it were trying to open a program.

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More Details and suggestions

by BigAbe In reply to start up problems

What is the Operating System of your PC, and also some basics, such as how much RAM?

First thing I look at with any start up issues from where you are locking up, is start up areas. Such as, too many programs starting up and not enough resources. This is the simplest; more advanced issues could be driver issues, or viruses.

First try booting into Safe Mode, by powering on the PC and pressing the F8 key, in the start up list, choose safe mode. See if the PC loads fine all the way.

If it does boot fine, while in Safe Mode start with removing any unnecessary start up programs. Depending on your OS, there are a couple ways of getting to this area. in XP, the safest way is to Go to Start>Run> Type MSCONFIG and press OK. Go to the Startup Tab and there you will see a list of items starting, uncheck anything not necessary to the operating of your computer. If you don?t know what it is, you can Google the item to see if it is important to your PC.

Restart your PC and see if that helps. Once you log in successfully, you will be presented with a message that you are running in a selective state. You can check the box to not notify you again and press OK.

Also make sure your virus scan is up to date and do a full scan.

If it still has issues, there is a more serious problem, which can be discussed later, as this is enough to get troubleshooting started.

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Install fersh os

by madanmule In reply to start up problems

boot pc from cd/dvd drive with os cd in it,format c drive & install os,it would be better if u have HDD partitioned & only os on c drive hence forth do not save any thing on c drive sothat in case of fiur you can reinstall os on c drive.

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Install fersh os

The problem was solved 37 months ago.

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Fersh OS???

by .Martin. In reply to Install fersh os

what is this???

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