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By jardinier ·
What is the command line to run in Windows XP which shows a list of all items/applications that load at boot up?

There are two particular applications which start automatically that clog up memory.

As I have never installed WGA, would it be possible and SAFE to remove this from start up?

Are there any items which I absolutely MUST NOT remove?

That's a mouthful but if I can just remove the two applications I will be more than happy.

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re: Start Up

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to start up

First, look at the application options themselves. There may be an option to turn off the auto-start. That's always the safest. For example, if you have a chat program such as Yahoo, there are options in the program to turn off the auto-start.

If you must turn them off manually, you can use MSCONFIG at the RUN command.

WGA should not and, I believe, can not be removed. That is Windows Genuine Advantage which is installed by the critical update path. It's what validates your installation as genuine.

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by jardinier In reply to re: Start Up

That's the one I want, thank you.

And I have located the two which I don't want to start.

There is a whole heap under "Services" and "Startup." I am quite sure I don't need all those but which ones to delete?

Once upon a time when I was having trouble with my internet an AOL technician got me to run MSCONFIG and to tell him everything that was there. He marked quite a few as unnecessary.

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The ones you can do without......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MSCONFIG

... depend on what you're doing with your computer. Only you can decide which ones you need.

However, there is a little guidance provided in several places, right here on TR being one of them:




And, at outside sites, the first that came up on a search was:


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Many thanks

by jardinier In reply to The ones you can do witho ...

I was able to stop the two particular programs from starting and later I will visit these links you have posted and see what else I can get rid of.

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