Started a small local IT support biz, optimal practice for Data backup?

By Conall O'G ·
Hey everyone, I have taken the plunge and decided to start a local IT Support Business as there is little competition at my location, and I have experience in most things home users and small business users would need.

I'm now trying to get to grips with the effect of being your own boss, and I think a lot of your time can be sucked up finding every little scrap of important information on your customer's systems.

My question therefore is, what procedure/software/tools would you recommend to reduce the time required to do this for both machines that are bootable, or unbootable.

Are making full HDD images really necessary?
Are there more effective ways to migrate apps and data from one HDD to another?( think accounting programs, stuff that relies on localhost Databases or similar).

Are there perhaps some scripts I could use with a bootable external HDD to backup stuff in a fast efficient manner?

Any information you think would be valuable is much appreciated. I look forward to reading it soon!

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Where To Begin...

by ElliotBath In reply to Started a small local IT ...

There are a lot of questions there and to answer them will only give you more questions really.

I'll do my best though!

This will depend on the customer really. Businesses may want to invest (depending on size) in something more detailed and longer-lasting. I.E. tape drives with Symantec Backup Exec. Home users will probably just need something more simple like an external HDD with either specific files being copied (not very pretty) or incremental images of their entire machines.

--Migrating Data
Networking is the easiest way to migrate data for both business and home use. It's fast and incredibly easy to set up with just a simple switch for home users and a larger networking solution with patching panels for business. I would say that home users would just need some sort of external HDD again for migrating data. Take a full image of their PCs (Norton Ghost is very reliable) and you can use the in-built explorer to see all the files within.

Scripting backups is messy, use software as opposed to say vb scripting or cmd batch files.

You need to assess the customer's requirements before you really make a decision.

Microsoft offer ImageX for free, it can create and apply images and then you can just open the image if needed with 7-Zip. Doesn't cost a penny!

I may have answered some things, I may have just created more answers.

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