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Starting a full service computer consulting business...

By eseller01 ·
An entrepreneurial spirit has been lurking inside of me for a while. To keep risk to a minimum, I took an evening position so i can start a computer consulting business. I have about 12 years of experience in IT field as an systems engineer. I need techrepublic community help and opinion, in critiquing my plan and goals. Below is my plan and targets.

A. Target market is NY NJ metro area.This will be a home based business, as i would like to keep the cost to a minimum.
B. In my first year i am not looking to make much profit only focusing on growth. My goal is to make $75k gross sales in a year, with 10% EBIDA. 50 % managed services and 50% day to day repair.I don't have any prior sales experience and just thinking about it make me nervous, though i have a good people skills.

Question: Is this a pipe dream, smack some sense in me.
Question: Being i don't have any prior sale experience and a fulltime job are these numbers doable and i would like to think conservatively.below is my plan.

1. Since i work in the evening i will get approx 20 hours a week to work on the business initially. I would like to utilize that time in sales, marketing, coordination and operations management. basically i don't want to be the one fixing computer or server unless it is absolutely necessary.
2. I would source most my talent on a as need basis from places like onforce and fieldnation, and hiring tech by posting ad's on craigslist. I know i might not get the quality here but i only want them for light work.
3. For any specialized work i am talking to couple of consulting firms abroad who have the resources and talent to remotely handle any complicated task where my techs get stuck. Basically providing technical umbrella over my company. Where i will act as an coordinator/project manager between the two.

Q: Need a positive critique of my plan, what pitfalls i am looking at.

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