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Starting a local business in my local economy?

By Beachhead ·
I would like to get some advice from fellow IT employees and employers. I have been working in IT for about 8 years now. Same place, same job. I have often thought of starting a local computer store or "fix-it" shop. But i'm not sure how it will favor in this area.

We have a population of 87,713, a California State University, and the following computer businesses.

Several small companies that do business only consulting. They do not advertise or sell to the general public as a rule. They provide server support, basic needs for businesses without an IT staff.

Our only remaining big box electronics store is best buy. So the "geek squad" is there to compete with.

We have 2 well known computer shops that provide repair and computer sales. And we have one well known business that does house-calls only.

Over the years many computer businesses have sprung up and failed, but some have stayed.
What is your opinion of starting a business in this area

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Good Idea If it is Executed Correctly

by ryantorresonline In reply to Starting a local business ...

These types of business can be extremely profitable. The biggest problem with those companies who had gone out of business is due to poor management. Very bad execution and not enough advertisement will bring any company to its knees, the major reason why a lot of I.T. companies go out of business quicker than other companies in different industries is due to the fact that with our type of field we tend to have a hole lot less money to initially invest into the business and business owners expect to see a bigger initial profit than what they initially see.

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