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By samirabrahao ·
I have an idea for a website and for passive income generation. I bought a domain name at godaddy and signed up for website hosting at hostgator.

I'm currently a DBA and don't have much knowledge in web development, but am familiar with programming in general (SQL, powershell, C#)

I'm looking for a tool that helps me design the front-end and make it professional. I tried writing HTML/CSS by hand and its extremely tedious and time-consuming.

I'll also need some dynamic HTML content generation and database connectivity. I gotta keep SEO in mind as well and don't fancy using angular. I don't wanna spend too much money on software like dreamweaver (and I'm not even sure the code it generates is easy to edit and add javascript functionality down the road). I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options right now.

I have no interest in pursuing a web development JOB in a company, I just want to work for myself in my spare time.

Which tools/languages/techniques/resources could I use to accomplish this goal?

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by samirabrahao In reply to Starting on web developme ...

Thanks for all the replies guys.

So after some more digging today, and based on all the responses here, I've learned about these web frameworks like express, django, etc.

What do the frameworks do for me that can't be accomplished through server-side programming alone? Has anyone worked with them on hostgator? My hosting provider doesn't seem to support them.

Does anyone know which languages hostgator supports? It appears I can't even use node.js there. Can anyone who's successfully implemented a website with dynamic pages on hostgator shared hosting share their experience?

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