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By MzRitz ·
Hi everyone,

I am in my last semester of an MIS program and I am getting very nervous about the lack of job prospects that are out there right now. I have been working in a professional environment for almost 4 years but besides my school projects, have no hands on tech experience (I work in accounting, however very closely with the MIS department and system issues, using Oracle systems). Not only do I see very few entry level positions out there, I am not even sure what I could qualify for once I do see something, given that I have no work experience in the area. If anyone has any suggestions of how I could start on this career path or what areas you think an MIS graduate would qualify to start in, that would be very much appreciated!

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by pjbowden In reply to Starting out

Hi there,

Congratulations on finishing your MIS program. While it is true there are fewer tech jobs these days, you are in a very good position because you work closely with the MIS department in your current job. This gives you a huge advantage over most recent graduates.

You may have spoken to the MIS department at your company and been told there are no entry-level positions. What you need to do is approach people in the MIS department and offer your help.

Perhaps the MIS department is moving some PCs on the weekend and could use another pair of hands. Perhaps the helpdesk has some overflow calls or emails they could route to you (i.e. questions about the Oracle system). Perhaps there are some custom report requests you could help develop in SQL. Since you already have a full-time job this will require working during lunch or after hours. But what better way to demonstrate your determination and work ethic?

Since you aren't sure what area you want to specialize in this would give you some hands-on experience in different areas while getting your face known around the MIS department. Then, when a job opening becomes available they are sure to consider the entry-level candidate from accounting with the helpful attitude.

Hope this helps, Pierce

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