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    Starting pay for MCSE with no work Exp.


    by res007za ·

    I was wondering if any one might tell me what’s the pay range for someone whos only gone to school, and recived his MCSE. Ive been in the hardware side for 3 yrs so im not computer backward’s.
    Thxs for any insight…

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      That Depends…

      by ddostie ·

      In reply to Starting pay for MCSE with no work Exp.

      on where you live, and what kind of company you want to work for. My guess is that the average would be somewhere in the low 30’s to upper 30’s.

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        by res007za ·

        In reply to That Depends…

        Moving to La, and company id like to get into any company that i can learn more information in not a dead end if u know what i mean

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